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[Bikes] Been Trippin’

The joy of the Mountain Bike road trip.


[Life] Riding dinosaurs

Greetings, Salutations Glitter Unicorns, Readers, Booktubie peeps, viewers, my tweeties and IG polks, The frequency and schedule that I was keeping in 2017 have faltered as of late this is for … Continue reading [Life] Riding dinosaurs


[Books] The First Book

This is supposed to be my first book review or maybe something about #wordfest. Quite frankly I need to figure out how to put posts to another page. Not just … Continue reading [Books] The First Book


[Bikes/Writing] The thing

Things that keep me moving towards “The Thing” itself.

Because thingy’s.


[Bikes/Writing/Life] Riding doubt & Jedi training

Little demons scurrying in the brush, scrambling up nearby trees to hiss & gnash at me from the branches and between frozen blades of grass. My mind gives up, my feet fall off the pedals. I listen as my 5tens scratch the dirt. I hear the voices cackling from all around me as they feel me struggle as the mental game begins.


[Writing/Life/Bikes] Solo

Embracing my inner space cowboy