Tag: Armchair philosophy

[Bikes]Rolling One Out

Getting my butt kicked by a bunch of snow. Who knew it was a thing?!


[Quick Post] Feel-Skees

I am an overall metamorphic blob of the feel-skees.


[Bikes] Tighty Righty’s

Coughing up lungs, slaying dragons, riding the jellies and crashing into trees


[Life] Riding dinosaurs

Greetings, Salutations Glitter Unicorns, Readers, Booktubie peeps, viewers, my tweeties and IG polks, The frequency and schedule that I was keeping in 2017 have faltered as of late this is for … Continue reading [Life] Riding dinosaurs


[Bikes] Toodling a.k.a Squashing my inner mountain snob

Lately, I have been making up every excuse in the book not to ride my bike. “There’s no snow” “There’s too much snow” “It’s too cold” “it’s too warm” “I’m … Continue reading [Bikes] Toodling a.k.a Squashing my inner mountain snob


[Bikes/Writing] The thing

Things that keep me moving towards “The Thing” itself.

Because thingy’s.