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[Bikes] Winter Biking 101

A random smattering of stuff/lessons I have picked up since getting a fat bike.


Reposting in my corner of the world

Shout out to the 98% of Black Women in Alabama who went out yesterday and carried this entire country over the finish line. Absolutely and unequivocally, I honor you. I thank you. Shout out to the Black voters in Alabama who went out yesterday and stood up to the voter suppression, who stood up to…

via And Ain’t I Your Base? — Black. Bunched. Mass. Mom.


[Books/Review] All the Wordy Goodness Indeed

My Wordfest experience(s) and why you should think about attending because BOOKS!! POETRY!! ALL THE THINGS!!


[Life/Writing] Persephone departs

As the crone stretches her arms out she smacks her lips together. She feels the aches and pains in each joint and studies the etched lines in her skin


[Writing] Raven

Our eyes lock, you watch the fear in my eyes grow until each eyeball bulges, detaching from its socket, the optic nerve holds for a moment snaps & it tumbles, hitting the earth creating a small cloud of dust


[Bikes] Been Trippin’

The joy of the Mountain Bike road trip.