Category: Padawan

[Bikes] Been Trippin’

The joy of the Mountain Bike road trip.


[Bikes] Thumbs of Rule

Unless you have a fellow mtb wizard at your disposal here are a few tips and hints I have gathered from my newborn MTB experience

[Bikes] Group Love

A few tidbits and observations on those “Group Rides”


[Bikes] Fear

Fear and getting over it.
Well, sort of.


[Bikes] Where my skills at

I am a wobbling whirlwind of elbows, knees and high kicks. Awkward AF.


[Life] Not Okay

I am not okay right now.

I can tell you what I am right now: disappointed, sad, and a little angry.


[Bikes] Toodling a.k.a Squashing my inner mountain snob

Lately, I have been making up every excuse in the book not to ride my bike. “There’s no snow” “There’s too much snow” “It’s too cold” “it’s too warm” “I’m … Continue reading [Bikes] Toodling a.k.a Squashing my inner mountain snob