Category: BCBR Training

[Bikes]Rolling One Out

Getting my butt kicked by a bunch of snow. Who knew it was a thing?!


[Life] Not Okay

I am not okay right now.

I can tell you what I am right now: disappointed, sad, and a little angry.


[Bikes/Writing] The thing

Things that keep me moving towards “The Thing” itself.

Because thingy’s.


[Bikes/Writing/Life] Riding doubt & Jedi training

Little demons scurrying in the brush, scrambling up nearby trees to hiss & gnash at me from the branches and between frozen blades of grass. My mind gives up, my feet fall off the pedals. I listen as my 5tens scratch the dirt. I hear the voices cackling from all around me as they feel me struggle as the mental game begins.


[Bikes] Gravity

Prairie Raven’s Gravity Experiment. AKA: Zen & the art of voluntary cooter punches.