[Life] Riding dinosaurs

Greetings, Salutations Glitter Unicorns, Readers, Booktubie peeps, viewers, my tweeties and IG polks,

The frequency and schedule that I was keeping in 2017 have faltered as of late this is for a few reasons.

  1. My beautiful Fat-Bike aka mini-tank & current mode of braap: I have been riding as much as I can in my tiny town trying to get ready for the approaching MTB Season
  2. MTB Club: I joined a women’s MTB club which has its meetings and rides starting this month. #stoked
  3. Moving: I am relocating residences and prepping real estate for sale which means a buttload of work to be done.

All this happening in the next week and a bit. So life is a tad all over the map.

What does that mean for you? A few gaps in my posts and then as I get settled into my new house & riding schedule you will discover updates on my adventures, reads, a little armchair philosophy with hopefully some badass shots of trail wizardry & most likely stories of the trees I seem to like to meet.

Bear with me I shall hopefully have a few tricks up my sleeves to maintain order in chaos. The orchestra of events are timed accordingly but, as things go with “well-planned thingies”, our good friend Murphy tends to dip a finger & twirl it about.

Looking forward to getting back to the shenanigans after the dust settles.






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