[Bikes] Seducing Winter Goddesses with Bad Yoga Poses


In my last post, I touched on wooing mountains by writing them love letters in order to bring on spring. Let me tell you this; The heart is a fickle ally.

I swallowed a buttload of fear & decided to try fat biking. Yesterday, I went down to my local bike shop, picked up a fat bike & took her out for her maiden voyage in Bragg Creek.


Today is the happiest I have felt since September.

I hit a tree and kept riding. I rode until I couldn’t even climb the smallest inclines.  (2 hours) I hit another tree, hugged a few more, almost slid backwards down this enormous hill while hike-a-biking. It was awful. I had to get help as I got stuck maybe half way up. The good thing is, I hopped back on & kept going.


I stopped to take pretty pictures of my bike. I stopped to giggle with snowshoers, hikers, cross country skiers & even shared a few chuckles with another group of fat bikers.

I even stopped to do intentionally bad yoga poses with my bike.

My face legitimately hurts from smiling so much. I’ve been home for hours and my face hurts. I forgot I had muscles in my butt, my legs, and my face. Even my eyes are tired from smiling.

I had forgotten what it felt like to be happy.

I forgot what it was like to have fun.

I forgot what joy was.

Now that I’ve glimpsed it again…. I don’t want to let it go. My heart is smiling, glittering and letting off teeny tiny cloud hearts just because I rode my bike.

Of all the things I needed to let go in the last year, I am so happy this is one day I think I can say I can hold on to for years to come: March 12, 2017.

Anyone thinking of trying fat biking: do it! It is the most fun riding a bike since being a little kid!

Oh and “Hey Spring….. I’ll catch up with you later.” mwah


4 thoughts on “[Bikes] Seducing Winter Goddesses with Bad Yoga Poses

  1. Awwww! Love this do very much! Love that you did it and it hurt and you didn’t care because the joy felt so much better!

    LOVE the yoga moves!

    So, fat biking is just snow biking? Is it a bike with snow tires on it?

    Also, it’s the end of the month now… is there still snow where you are ??


    1. Fat Biking is exactly that! Riding a bike on HUUUUUUUUUGE tires through the snow…which feels like riding a tiny tank and rolling over everything! lol It is so much fun, it feels like riding a bike for the first time.

      It is still snowing here, both yesterday and today I have had to sweep off my car, and this morning it is continuing to snow. My kids are pumped because it means making snowmen & having hot chocolate afterwards (after school of course….well my youngest has already been out shovelling the deck this morning) When I dropped the kiddos off at their grandparent’s house he immediately sauntered off to shovel their driveway. I have no idea where he gets that from 😉 lol

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      1. Ok, so, it’s May. Is it snowing NOW!? And how can you live in a world where it snows through the end of April!?!!??? How it that fun? How is that enjoyable!?

        this from a woman who lives in Massachusetts and would give just about anything to live on an island as close to the equator as possible…

        Or Florida… but NICE Florida (which is like… 1% of Florida…)


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