[Bikes] The art of wooing mountains


Photo by Prairie Raven


Winter in Alberta seems to last an un-godly amount of time. The region where I reside the weather is a relentless tease. We recently had a series of cold snaps, a few dumps of snow, a chinook followed by more cold, snow, and this past week another chinook. I don’t have the funds for a fat bike so this winter has made me resolve to start saving for one. This break from the winter has made me realize how much I miss riding and how much I am NOT doing.

All the undoing.

Knowing the work of re-doing.

All the ugh.

So much training missed.

I miss the mountains.

I miss the solitude.

I miss the trail.

I miss the hell of getting to the top of the mountain.

I miss the fun of the downs.

I miss the sound of the trail under my tires.

I miss wearing my 5tens everywhere.

Right now, I can even say I miss those damn greasy roots.

My heart is writing a long-winded love letter, which is turning into an ode, a lullaby, and an annoying pop song to the Rockies.

I am wooing mountains and I plead with spring to come early.



Montane in Fernie BC.  September 2016. Taken by Prairie Raven





2 thoughts on “[Bikes] The art of wooing mountains

  1. Your pictures are awesome! “I plead with spring to come early” – right there with you. Winter here isn’t a tease, though. It just rains. All. The. Time.


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