[Books] It’s Alive!

The birth of the Prairie Raven Booktube has been the most vulnerable thing I have done in a long while. It was the original dream of Prairie Raven  which stems back into 2015 when the seed was first rooted for all of this.

know nothing

Prairie Raven was forced more into the biking/writing world instead in 2016 when I finally decided to launch my Prairie Raven identity. Prairie Raven will continue to be be bike focused here on the blog. I will be book, Wordfest & Vlog focused on Youtube and the other social media accounts will post a variety of books, writing, and biking stuff.

I feel really tender about this launch because it is my public face, the identifier and losing my anonymity. Granted that was going to be the case anyway once Sam and I got Bearded Ladys running in full operation. I am not 100% sure I am ready for this transition however as the cliche goes “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” For the record I am NOT comfortable.

the chafe

A few weeks back Sam put up a mock video on musicly and I didn’t think anything of it but her husband had mentioned something along the lines of “the internet never forgets” and she asked me what I thought. I didn’t have much of an opinion a few weeks ago. Today is a different story. I realize as I am coming out of this shell I am like a woodcarver whittling a sculpture out of a piece of wood. The life, shape and form of the wood was there in it’s original form. Now as each line is made, a new detail emphasized a whole other human is forming taking on a life of its own. A live metamorphosis (which makes me think of Jeff GoldBlum in the Fly. ew). I am not sure what to make of it yet.

At this point I am looking at this like I am on an unknown trail, just rocked one hell of an uphill and I am pausing at the top wondering if this is going to be a flow trail (my favorite) or one riddled with scary jumps and features…only one way to find out… Here goes…



6 thoughts on “[Books] It’s Alive!

  1. Hey! Thanks so much for liking our post. Checking out your videos right now–they’re great. You have a lot of energy and it’s really infectious. Nice work!


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