[Bikes/Writing] The thing



Photo by me. Location: Bluerock Wildland Provincial Park Alberta


AsĀ mentioned a few times I have been signed up for “The Thing” which I’ve written aboutĀ a few times here and there. In truth a lot of days I realize I have no idea what I am doing, whether it be training, nutrition and even on some days I even wonder if I put my socks on right.


Here are a few things that keep me moving forward:

  1. Becoming aĀ mad scientist – Or at least I like to think so.Ā Let’s be serious for a second and think about this: what kind of human signs up for a 7-day mountain bike race on a whim?! Furthermore, a person who has never been on a mountain bike, or in any competitive sport.Ā To add to this I am curious to see how well I can tune my mind into training and overcoming limitations. Then let’s add on the part of me who is looking at the data I am collecting – heart rate, distance, speed, altitude, sleep patterns, caloric-fat-carbohydrate-fiber intake, minutes active and discovering patterns and figuring out ways to tune into that to refine my system to work effectively. Mad! Possibly insane! ALLTHETHINGS
  2. Curiosity – I’m curious to see limits that exist & those that don’t. The ones that are real versus those which I have imagined.
  3. Arm Chair Philosophy – Let’s face it, my huge ego is enjoying my imaginary fine leather chair, the rich smell of mahogany, a glass of scotch and odd musings I have found scattered along the track. Basically, an excuse for me to pour a glass and twirl my imaginary mustache.
  4. High Altitude – a trend in great stories are thoughts & revelations discovered at high altitude. I’m not sure what it is about being up there, the smell of the trees, less oxygen or seeking the Ents (or wisdom) itself or if it is just the journey itself
  5. Finishing – I want to finish something. My experiences so far areĀ a list of living incomplete and life interrupted. Deep down, I want to prove I am worthy of finishing something and that I can prove all those voices in my head telling me otherwise that I can.
  6. Space Cowboy – Don’t ever tell me the odds


Author’s note: This was intended to be published in November 2016, I’m a little behind. Future posts & ideas are currently being drafted….thanks for sticking with me. I’ll catch up with you soon, think of this as me pausing to repair a flat tire and my pump broke ….or perhaps I am off battling a yeti or drinking ent water…



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