[Books] But where are the books?

The tagline says “Books. Bikes. Writes.” I have the bikes and the writes down but where are the books?


The idea for this space  popped into my mind long before signing up for some insane bike race ever did. Needless to say a lot of planning went in to my original idea, it was to read, review books and essentially I would become an official reviewer, & book blogger/booktuber. I was going to go to literary events like Wordfest or the CBC Massey Lectures as both my raven self and as one of the dynamic duo of the beardedladys.

However I got into an accident,¬†life kind of shit the bed and then after all that rigmarole I signed up for the¬†previously mentioned¬†race. The accident has made me unable to read or write for any extended period of time. I am still struggling with this months later. I can’t focus or concentrate. I am assuming it is from the stress of everything. Needless to say I am extraordinarily disheartened.


Anyone who has spent any amount of time around me knows how much I used to read, how fast and how often. I would polish off more than one book in an evening, I always toted one in my bag and am known to stash volumes in all the nooks and crannies of my house. Surprisingly as a book lover, I have no actual bookshelves, just book stacks. Stacks upon stacks of books haphazardly occupying my closet, under my bed, beside my bed and all over the¬†house. When I take myself out I bring book “back ups” just in case and I stop at every store I come across that has the hint of selling books. My second home is the library. Since the accident I haven’t been there much, I checked out a handful a few months ago and only just returned them and was rewarded with some hefty fines.


It’s coming back slowly. I am re-reading some old favorites and am trying my voice out reading aloud to those who want to listen in the hopes of improving my concentration. I’m still jotting down book recommendations, saving book lists from publications, writers and thematic lists (ex: Stranger Things: A Reading List ), taking photos of book covers and adding them to my evernote.¬†One day I hope to add to the book section of this space, lovingly placed beside the bikes and hopefully with a volume penned by yours truly.


Recovery is slow & steady. I will get there.

One pedal stroke,

one page,

at a time.


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